IDROGENIA operates as both a consulting firm and an investment company in the hydrogen sector.


Energy is a complex topic for the population. It often seems distant from daily concerns, yet it directly impacts everyone’s life, precisely the cost of life : it is about fueling cars, heating houses, … The war in Ukraine and the subsequent surge in energy costs provided a painful illustration of this.

IDROGENIA’s mission is to inform the public, not only about hydrogen but more broadly about energy issues. Understanding energy and the significant strategic challenges of this key sector enables a better comprehension of the essential role that hydrogen can play in the coming decades.

Our research efforts and collaborations with hydrogen industry stakeholders (experts, professional organizations, industrials, etc.) give us a privileged position as observers. We leverage this knowledge to educate the public and provide guidance to decision-makers in economic, political, and industrial spheres.


The emergence of hydrogen as a future energy source, coupled with the political and financial support it receives, lays the foundation for a nascent industry. In the near term, more than just a new sector or industry, it is truly an entire economy that will emerge.

The energy sector is characterized by an extensive value chain. From exploring our subsoil to fueling our cars or heating our homes, there are numerous stakeholders, both upstream and downstream, all crucial to the smooth functioning of this industry. The nascent hydrogen sector is structured in a similar manner, but unlike gas, oil, or coal, everything is yet to be established. From manufacturing or extraction processes to delivery to the end consumer, new solutions are emerging, and new players are entering the scene.

IDROGENIA has a comprehensive view of the hydrogen value chain. From upstream to downstream, we observe and study all opportunities with the aim of investing in the most promising solutions and the most talented people shaping this promising industry, building this new hydrogen economy.

IDROGENIA is a consulting and investment company in the field of hydrogen. We believe strongly that hydrogen is the cornerstone of our necessary energy transition.

glass molecule of hydrogen

Who we are

IDROGENIA is a subsidiary of Groupe Mentor dedicated to invest in the hydrogen sector.

Our philosophy

Be at the forefront of the hydrogen revolution, alongside the pioneers of that new industry.

Our activities

IDROGENIA operates as both a consulting firm and an investment company in the hydrogen sector.

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