Be at the forefront, alongside the pioneers of hydrogen


Four words characterize our philosophy: “boots on the ground”.

We strictly believe in the truth of the field and we are convinced that grassroots initiatives are what allows an industry to flourish, not the other way around. Bottom-up is our mantra. Therefore, we position ourselves at the heart of the hydrogen ecosystem by meeting, discussing and dealing with those who shape the sector. We go to the epicenters of production zones and into the labs where innovations are born.

We are at the forefront, alongside the pioneers of hydrogen : agile and dynamic players of today who will be the champions of tomorrow. 

Our areas of operation include both Europe and the United States, two regions of the world that are extremely proactive and innovative in the field of hydrogen. They also provide a regulatory, legal, and financial framework that allows us to secure our investments.

The solution to reach carbon neutrality in 2050 relies on an ambitious energy transition in which a one energy specifically will play a key role : hydrogen. Across the world, significant progress is being made in the field of hydrogen. Political support is unanimous on an international scale. A true energy and economic revolution is underway

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IDROGENIA is a consulting and investment company in the field of hydrogen. We believe strongly that hydrogen is the cornerstone of our necessary energy transition.

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Who we are

IDROGENIA is a subsidiary of Groupe Mentor dedicated to invest in the hydrogen sector.

Our philosophy

Be at the forefront of the hydrogen revolution, alongside the pioneers of that new industry.

Our activities

IDROGENIA operates as both a consulting firm and an investment company in the hydrogen sector.


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