"IDROGENIA marks a significant milestone in our commitment to actively contribute to the energy transition. We are convinced of the power of hydrogen and its potential to shape a cleaner and more sustainable energy future"

The Mentor Group is a family holding company founded in 1998 by Benoit MICHAUX. Specialized in support in all its forms, the Mentor Group’s mission is the creation, acquisition, or investment in the capital of companies with the aim of accelerating and structuring their development on a national and international scale.

In a few key figures, the Mentor Group represents:

7 business sectors, 30 professions, over 2000 employees, and a presence in 15 countries.

Hydrogen holds tremendous potential to disrupt the way we produce, store, and utilize energy. With IDROGENIA, we are providing ourselves with the technical and financial means to explore the entire value chain of this emerging industry.

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