The European Hydrogen Bank to launch a supply and demand platform

Drapeau UE

The European Commission is planning to launch a tool that will enable European buyers to establish contact with both European and foreign suppliers. It will collect and process data on trends in hydrogen flows and prices.

At a time when the first large-scale electrolysers in Europe are already under construction and the first operating agreements have been signed, Brussels is looking to launch a new pilot mechanism. The aim is to boost investment by providing a clearer picture of the situation for buyers and suppliers, and by facilitating contact between these parties. The scope is not limited to renewable hydrogen, as it also covers low-carbon hydrogen and hydrogen derivatives. This platform will be in place for five years and will form part of the European Hydrogen Bank.

A procedure has been set in motion to find a supplier capable of implementing such an IT platform. The contract will be signed at the end of the year, with a view to implementation as of mid-2025.


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