Toyota and Chiyoda aim to mass produce electrolysers


Toyota‘s fuel cell technology will be incorporated in electrolysers, as a part of its partnership with the Japanese engineering company, Chiyoda. An initiative that aims to meet the country’s aspirations in terms of its hydrogen strategy.

The land of the rising sun wants electrolysers to represent 15 GW out of the 134 GW targeted worldwide around the year 2030. The goal is to produce not only for Japan, but also for other countries. Toyota and Chiyoda plan to export their produced electrolysers. As part of the partnership, Toyota will supply the cells from its fuel cell, while its partner, an engineering company specialising in industrial applications, will be in charge of designing the plant.

The aim is to develop a competitive electrolyser that would be the most compact in the world. Each unit will occupy a 2.5m x 6m floor area with a 5MW capacity and an hourly production of 100kg of hydrogen. The two partners want to limit the surface area, and make installation and maintenance easier, all the while adopting a low-cost approach.

Production will kick off in 2025 in Toyota’s plant in Honsha. Chiyoda and Toyota are already planning the production of 10 MW units and will be co-exhibiting at H2&FC EXPO in Tokyo.


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